BEWARE: Full truth about Mirage Yachts - Mike Hatami aka "Mazyer Mike Hatami"

THIS IS A WEBSITE THAT WAS PUT TOGETHER DOCUMENTING MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCES WITH THIS PERSON. It is not for monetary gain and is only a documentation of the facts as I saw them.  All information contained in this site can be located on the web on public and government websites. If it offends you or there is something is is not correct and can prove otherwise email me at the Whois registration email of this domain name.

If you are thinking of buying something from Mike or his company, I would strongly suggest reading on...


It can be said that in 15 years of business, I have been very cautious about being "taken" or stolen from. However, I must confess that excitement got a hold of me and I took an unnecessary risk. The risk turned out to be a loss and I was taken for nearly $4000 plus 8 plus months of my time. I am using this post to explain what happened to me and to warn others about this person so that they do not fall victim to his schemes.

Mike Hitami (real name Mazyer Mike Hatami)
AKA Abolfaz on eBay, and

About 12 months ago Mike came to me asking if I could help him locate several high dollar parts to repair his Supercharged Diablo Roadster that he claimed to have just bought for under $30K. I busted my butt and found him a VERY Rare used roof and an engine deck lid cover that a customer was selling (Not an easy Job), he paid for the parts so I had no reservations about his integrity. He said it was in a fire and one of the rear quarter panels was also ruined. I myself also needed a set of quarters for my 1997 Diablo Roadster restoration project. I told Mike that I have not come across any used quarter panels in the last 18 months and I was actively looking myself. He did not want to spend $7000+ on a new quarter and he wanted it fast. Since we both needed quarters, I made him an offer in that I would pay partially on the purchase of a NEW quarter in exchange, he would mold the good one left on his car and the one we would be buying. This was because he claimed to own a boat company and knew how to mold and make carbon fiber pieces. I was to get carbon fiber copies of a left and right rear quarter. I asked him how long it would take and he said it would take about a month to do but he wanted it in a week or he wouldn't do it. Thinking back now I would have like to know what other options he had. We agreed and Mike gave me his credit card number and told me to wait until the following week to charge it. (Here was another "bad" sign that I blatantly ignored) and I paid the remaining and the shipping to him in Miami, Florida (FYI a new quarter retails for $7747.68 + Crate fee + 10% Expedition fee). Around the same time, Mike tells me he needed a front bumper to take a partial mold from, in order to fix his that was damaged during the time the car was towed to his place. I had just bought one to use on my car so rather than having it shipped to me, I agreed to have it shipped directly to Mike. He agreed to ship it back to me in a couple of weeks after he got his mold from it. Mike did not send me any money or collateral nor did I ask for it. I have known Mike for over 2 years and once again I did not doubt his integrity. I have deposits, receipts, emails, phone records and shipping receipts that can collaborate everything I have said thus far.

If you are following it to this point, Mike now has a brand new rear quarter and a new front bumper and I have only $2500 with an assumption I will be getting a set of quality rear quarters and of course my front bumper back in about a month. Total value of this so far $9224.68 ...For the record, I paid only $580 for the bumper as it was an aftermarket piece and I got a quarter for $5000 + Crate + Shipping + Expedition fee $5750) Total $6330 less $2500(from Mike) My out of pocket expense $3830 + 8 plus Months of waiting. I doubt Mike would have any argument to this fact.

What follows is simply a record of the many times I tried to contact him to get a status update and to ask for my bumper back. At this point, you could call it a "he said she said" argument, but the point of this is to expose a very deceiving and dishonest person. I am out nearly $4000 for trying to help a friend who by his own actions and statements claims to have many high dollar sports cars and acts as if he could "spit" $4000. I for one am no "Millionaire" I simply worked very hard for what I own and I save. I am married and have a beautiful son 9 months old so $4000 hits me pretty hard, especially when I am trying restore this car. I am not asking anyone for pity, but I do ask that you keep in mind Mike's actions if he asks you for something or agrees to buy or sell something. In my opinion, he is a very good manipulator and a con-artist because as I look back in the time I have known him, I think he ended up getting a lot more from me, than I ever did from him.

I also need to warn people that Mike still needs his rocker fixed. He tried to get me to send him the rocker off my car to mold from and I procrastinated because of this whole situation. I am glad I did not give in or I am sure I would be out several more thousands of dollars. I would also like to ask the forum members if anyone has an address and/or home phone as I will, out of principle, file claim so that I do have a legal record of his actions, regardless if he pays me back or not.

A Special Message to Mike: I simply want my bumper returned to me or paid for and I would like the carbon quarters promised me 7 months ago or my "Out of pocket expense" back from buying it. I think this is a simple and legitimate request.

For the record and that I will point out below that I told Mike I understood about the hurricanes they got last season. This is one reason I waited this long before doing anything. I left in many messages that I just want to make sure everything is alright and to just call me and let me know. Just a Quick Phone call was all I was after. It was not until I see him posting on forums and THEN not responding to me did I get upset and realize I was being deceived.

My interactions after the first month with Mike:

After the first month went by I called Mike to get a status update of the molding. He said the bumper I sent him was not the best quality and that he was done with it and would send it back. He further tells me that because of all the rain he could not setup an fiberglass resin to make a mold of the quarters. I asked him for a date in which they would be done and he refused to give me one saying that "I will get to it when I can." This continued for a few more months, I would call he would tell me that he is working on it or that he is not working on it and each time saying "I forgot to send the bumper back and would promise to do it this week" until the third month, he tells me that he has tried to make a mold and that it didn't work so he is starting over saying it would need to be a 6 piece mold. He assured me that it shouldn't take longer than another month, and once again said he would send me my bumper back. I waited again another month and called; each time I called him he seemed to blow me off. Around the time of the first hurricane Florida was getting, he tells me his boat business is more important this is project and that he would get to it when he could. He claimed to at that point to have made a mold of one side, but said he was unhappy of the quality of the first part and that he would re-do it. Yet another month goes by and shortly after hurricane Katrina and the one after came though, so out of courtesy, I waited a few weeks before calling him again. When I finally got a hold of him, he tells me that he "Still" has no power and that his roof is damaged and he does not have the time to worry about the quarters. He continued to tell me that he would just pay me full retail for the part back and that once again he would send out the bumper he borrowed now 6 or 7 months ago. This sounded fair to me, since he had made me wait so long. He assured me that he would call me the following week to arrange payment and to email him an invoice. For the record I was not being a jerk, I told him I completely understood and that I would look forward to talking to him the following week. This whole time, I have never been mad, demanding or unruly. I always said "thanks for the information and please keep me updated." Keep in mind I was planning on having my car fixed by the end of summer, so I would have every right to be upset. I agreed to just get the money back from him, so that I could put it towards fixing my car. A week goes by and no call so I figured I would give him ANOTHER week and I tried to call him and left a message. This goes on for TWO MONTHS; I would leave a message and send an email and no replies. I would sometimes get a message from his phone that his mailbox was full, then I would try the next day and I was able to leave a message. This had me wondering because someone had to be checking his voicemail because the next day I would be able to leave a message. I then started to do some research and I decided to check eBay and some forums to see if he had been online recently. I could not imagine that 2 months after the hurricanes that he would STILL be without power. I found that he was talking to people all over the place and was bidding on stuff at eBay. It did not sound like he had no house or electricity like he portrayed to me several weeks earlier. I tried to email him through the online accounts just to be sure he was able to get a hold of me and all of my messages have gone unanswered. After about the 5th or 6th week I told him I was getting mad and that I would be getting legal advice because he had not returned any calls. I tried to be nice and understanding and then eventually tried threatening him with a lawsuit.

I am vowing that I will do everything in my power to reveal con-artists and warn people who are doing business with or plan on doing business with. Mike supposedly owns Mirage Yachts You will notice that there is NO contact information on his website other than a cell phone number. His "contact information" Has changed a few times but here is the last one I had:

Mike Hatami
Mirage Yacht, LLC
3775 NW 81st street
Miami, Fl 33147
305-691-0008 or 305-360-4060 (Both go to the same phone)
305-691-7255 (fax) (This number is not even valid) or

His Phone still works, but I have not been able to get him on it, for nearly 4 months or longer. I have made every attempt to make contact with him and have tried to call him almost 2 or 3 times a week for the last 6 weeks. Please be sure to read all the Emails I have received and information about possible shady deals. If you are thinking of buying something from Mike or his company, I would strongly suggest reading on...

Thanks for listening!


Keep Reading what others have sent me....

Post from people

To: Me
Subject: Re: Hatami  
He had his chance to respond and never did and everyone knows that.

If you could get your money back (and if passes the time/money tradeoff), I'd say go for a lawsuit against him. You might be able to file it in your home state if that's where the transaction happened.

I don't feel I'm in a position to give advice so take this as just my humble opinon... given everything I've read, I think you should just let this one go. I've had to "let go" this year myself (got screwed out of 50K just two months ago.. some goddamn bastards just can't make an honest living)

In any case, it looks he and the people around him may have a whole host of other issues in life... my guess is your one additional issue might just be sand on the beach.


To: Me
Subject: Hatami  
If you are interested, here are a lot more records on him and people he may have some involvement with:

hit "public search'

type in "Hatami" in the Name field and scroll down and hit "search"

There is a little "1 2 3 4 5" on the bottom... there are 5 pages of Hatami related documents.

There are a number of documents under the name you posted.

One document that is interesting is #102327767

You can find it by clicking on the "Instrument" heading to sort by Instrument number.

It is the "GMAC MTGE CORP 10/11/2002" document regarding Thomas and Nelly Hatami.

In it, it says this in the "to" section:


You notice "Mirage Power Boat" in there.

I am not saying they are related but the above shows that GMAC had something they did with repect to the combination of Mirage Power Boat, Thomas Hatami and Nelly Hatami. I believe Mike owns Mirage Power Boat (from Florida public corporate records).

If you just do a Google search for Thomas Hatami, you will notice the first article is him being charged with Fraud. That also appears in the Broward Court Record search I . According to the court records, there is a trial date this year in that case.

After reading through a number of records available on that site and others, I highly doubt you are ever getting any money back or anything else back. You are likely not going to get anything back at all, not even a response.

If you have a complaint, I think it is best to bring it up with the authorities in Florida in the proper county.

I want to thank you for your initial post and posting the name of who you had the problem with since others may interact with him as well and you gave them a heads up as to your opinion on the matter.

But my humble opinion is that is enough and you should follow up with the authorities so you can get a formal record of the problem you had and so they can be notified.

The people who run this forum (who I don't know) can't have an argument of this type on the board because they can't know who is right and who is wrong and they don't want to get in the middle of things. That's what the authorities and court system are for. I think they did enough by locking the original thread and not deleting it so others can see what was going on without letting the topic get out of control.

Good luck, sorry to hear the issues you have had.


To: Me
Subject: In regards to the Hatami matter #2  
You can search Broward County here:

Click "Public Access Case Search" in the upper left

Type the last name you are interested in searching for

Hit Submit

Select one of the cases and click "View Selected Case" at the bottom

You can probably go from there. You can also search some other countries but those are most likely the main ones of interest.


To: Me
Subject: In regards to the Hatami thread  
In regards to the Hatami thread, I am not saying this is him or not and I know nothing about this, I just know how to search some of the public records.

1. Go to the palm beach county court records web site

2. Type in "HATAMI" in the search field

3. Hit search

4. You will get a number of replies all with the name "Mazyer Hitami". You can click on any one of them to see detail.

When you click on the detail, a page will come up which has the name of the two parties involved. You need to click on the "Get Image" button to get the actual document. The document requires you to be running Java since it is some Java application. If you are, the document will come up.


To: Me
Subject: Mike a big Fraud  
need him skip traced? Wink


To: Me
Subject: Here is a  phone number  
Here is a 3rd number possibly a 2nd line at the home in his wife's name-

(305) 666-0843



To: Me
Subject: Re: Phone Number  
Here is the home number-

( 305 ) 663-9839

Here is his wife's Law Office phone number-

(305) 670-1310



To: Me
Subject: Re: Here are some interesting bits Quote message
Here is a Condo owned in Miami Beach by him- he sold it in July of 2005-

Ok, that is his wife- here is there house in Coral Gables - both him and wife listed- bought in August of 2005-

Here's property his wife owns-



Looks like he or at least his wife has money - dunno why he is giving you the run around. .

His name was in a Yacht Magazine, so he seems legit.


To: Me
Subject: Re: Very shady guy  
Look here- and save this page-

That might be his old address for his Business?
That's one of his current Business Licenses - held by his his wife? He says she is an atty - looks like an law office has something to do with it. He said he's Iranian - so Mike must be short for Mayzer. He also said his wife's law office was in south Miami - so this must be correct.

Here is another of his current Business Licenses- with the same address you have-

Here is an INACTIVE Mirage Yachts - perhaps Mike changed his name? And this is his former name and Business?-

I'm not saying Mike is not legit, just trying to give you some info to help if you proceed legally.

Here's wife's Business-